Job Description

Rust Developer

Experience: 1 Years Minimum


  •     Identify, prioritize, design, and execute tasks in the development life cycle.
  •     Automate tasks through proper tools and scripting.
  •     Validate and test software solutions and web applications.
  •     Develop clean, efficient, and scalable code using accurate tools and applications.
  •     Document development practices, solution structure, and lessons learned.
  •     Write codes on open source across different codebases to receive a review, complement, and criticism from other contributors.
  •     Collaborate with the teammates and also the clients for better understanding and implementations.


  •     Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in computer science, engineering, IT or relevant field.
  •     1+ years of development experience with Rust programming language (exceptions made based on skill level).
  •     Sound understanding of algorithms, advanced data structures, and design principles.
  •     Proficiency in any of these languages - C++, Node.js, Golang, etc.
  •     Previous work experience with low-level programming language systems, like assembly language.
  •     Skill in debugging, profiling, optimizing software or application performance.
  •     A useful idea about Full-stack programming.
  •     Superb organizational skills and keen attention to detail.