Job Description

C++ Developer

Experience: 2 Years Minimum


  •     Collaborating with the software development team on application design and development.
  •     Developing software and overseeing the deployment of applications across platforms..
  •     Performing diagnostic tests and debugging procedures..
  •     Creating end-user application feedback channels..
  •     Optimizing software by performing maintenance, updates, and upgrades.
  •     Documenting processes and maintaining software development records.
  •     Keeping up to date with C++ standards and advancements in application development.


  •     Bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems, or C++ certification preferred.
  •     Current knowledge of C++ standards and specifications..
  •     Current knowledge of C++ standards and specifications.
  •     Extensive experience in deploying software across a variety of platforms and operating systems.
  •     Knowledge of SQL, JavaScript, and XML.
  •     Superb analytical and problem-solving skills.
  •     Excellent collaboration and communication skills.
  •     Great organizational and time management skills.