RoachFest NFT is here!

We’re here to invade your sinks, bathtubs, and eat your muffin crumbs. No exterminator will extinguish our determination to take over the world!

About RoachFest

It is a collection of 9,000 unique hand drawn roaches. From mech roaches to ghost roaches, mint one and join the party.

NFT Sale Details

Mint date

The mint date will take place in mid-September. The exact date and time will be announced on Twitter.

Reveal date

48 hours after launch


0.04ETH per roach
Roaches per transaction: 20

Total supply

9,000 roaches - 8,500
roaches on sale and 500 for giveaways


Don't spray us with insecticide. Community driven roadmap. Join the roach army and let’s figure it out.


Co-founder and NFT veteran — been in the game for 10 years in NFT time (2 years realtime). The visionary and pioneer. He understands the value in art and is bringing his expertise to this project.

Mr. Raid

Co-founder and digital wiz — born and raised in NYC. Fought with many roaches dating back to the mesozoic era. Battles have been fought, lost, and won. It’s never ending. If you’re truly lucky you will wield the strongest and last surviving roach.

Papa Roach

The visual artist — born and raised in the Bronx. Familiar with roaches of all calibers. Bringing his experiences to you in visualized art pieces for your enjoyment. He’s experienced in digital art and has done work emulating Dragon ball Z and Marvel/DC superheroes. Follow him on instagram @gruntleyart.