Blockchain Development

We build enterprise-grade reliable and secure blockchain solutions which can offer more security, transparency, and accountability for your business.

  • - Enterprise-Grade Dapps Development
  • - Crypto Token Development
  • - Smart Contracts
  • - Crypto Asset Exchange
  • - Crypto Wallets

Mobile App Development

We deliver incredible mobile experiences with native iOS and Android apps. And when it comes to cross-platform solutions, our expertise and technology provide a good balance between development efficiency and the performance and feel of a native application.

  • - iOS Development
  • - Android Development
  • - React Native Development
  • - Flutter Development

NFT Marketplace

The most trending and upbeat non-fungible token is the technical secured and unique cryptographic token. These tokens are uniquely created and non-interchangeable aka, cannot be exchanged for another token. We have expert NFT token developers, who create cryptographic tokens, which you can use for representing ownership over the real world or digital objects.

NFT Generative Arts Minting Dapp

We can aid you in developing a fully-fledged environment for getting unlimited revenue from your non fungible tokens. Obtaining a robust and secure NFT marketplace unleashes rich competitive advantages around the digital funding area, and we can build the one that will be a breeze to use for early adopters and professionals alike.

Web Development

We build React applications that are efficient, flexible and easy to maintain. We also architect robust and scalable backend solutions to offer the best experience for your product, integrating and evolving existing systems, or building a custom solution from-scratch.

  • - React
  • - Node
  • - Progressive Web App

UI/UX Design

Appealing user interface for higher business engagement and remarkable digital experiences Harness Codebird capability to create attractive and intuitive designs using cutting edge tools and technologies with substantial creative designing experience.

Smart Contract Development

Business automation is getting serious these days as cutting costs, saving time, reducing manpower workforce and executing every process in a secured way is critical. Smart Contracts have the capacity to address this niche and they are here to improve your business. Smart contracts are typically used to process transactions with no third party — because the agreement is stored in the blockchain. We write smart contracts for token crowdsales, digital asset management, and more.

  • - ICO smart contracts
  • - Smart contracts for DeFi projects, NFT tokens, and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
  • - Smart contracts for token distribution

Mobile Crypto Wallets

Whether you specialize in DeFi services, want to utilize cryptocurrency to allow your customers to easily and quickly buy your products and services, or want to provide your customers with tokenized asset storage, such as utility tokens or NFTs, you need a robust and secure cryptocurrency wallet. We build impenetrable, secure, user-friendly, customizable, and scalable blockchain wallets, allowing you to focus more on your customers.

ICO platforms

The objective was to build a platform that will automate the software development work required to launch an ICO on Ethereum network. The end user could customize an ICO by providing required parameters.

A platform was developed that helped the end user to generate solidity based smart contract. The user could deploy the contract and launch an ICO on the ethereum networks, including testnets. All this could be done using any browser that has MetaMask plugin installed.

  • - Ethereum
  • - Solidity
  • - Web3.js
  • - MetaMask

Consultancy on Technical Requirements

We consult on blockchain technology and how we can use it to optimise your organisation. We look at your goals and the opportunities in your organisation. Then we work with you to determine how blockchain can be best utilised to optimise your business potential.