Ponchkick - Gamified Airdrop Explodes User Acquisition with Telegram Mini-Apps (100k Users in 5 Days)

2024 06 03 13.06.50
The world of blockchain is saturated with airdrops, but many struggle to capture user attention and build lasting communities. Traditional airdrop methods often fall flat, leaving users feeling like passive recipients rather than active participants. Our client, a leading blockchain player, recognized this challenge and sought a more interactive solution to attract new users and foster a thriving community.

Enter Ponchkick: A Gamified Airdrop Revolution

Codebird Technologies Pvt Ltd stepped in with a revolutionary approach: Ponchkick, a gamified Telegram Mini-App inspired by Tapswap. This innovative platform leverages the power of gamification to completely transform the airdrop experience. Here's how:
Boost User Acquisition: Ponchkick attracts new users through a fun and rewarding experience within the familiar Telegram interface. Users are incentivized to participate, not just claim a reward.
Incentivize Social Media Engagement: The app encourages users to complete social media tasks that promote the brand across various platforms. This not only builds brand awareness but also fosters a sense of community ownership.
Revolutionize Airdrop Strategies: Ponchkick offers a novel airdrop experience where users actively participate in brand promotion. By completing engaging challenges, users earn points or tokens redeemable for participation in the airdrop. This incentivizes long-term engagement and fosters a community that's genuinely interested in the brand.

Development Speed & Explosive Results:

Demonstrating our agility, Codebird Technologies delivered a fully functional Ponchkick within a remarkable 10-day timeframe. The launch results shattered expectations:
Explosive User Growth: Within just 5 days, Ponchkick attracted a staggering 100,000 users, showcasing the immense potential of gamified airdrops for user acquisition.
High Engagement: 5,000 users actively participated in the game concurrently, highlighting the captivating nature of the platform.
Massive Reach: Total touches on Ponchkick surpassed a mind-blowing 2.1 billion, demonstrating the app's widespread reach and user interaction.
Thriving Community: 107,197 total players and a consistent daily user base of 64,666 paint a clear picture of a vibrant and engaged community fostered by Ponchkick.


Ponchkick stands as a testament to the power of gamified Telegram Mini-Apps for user acquisition and community engagement. The project highlights Codebird Technologies' ability to deliver innovative solutions on tight deadlines, resulting in significant growth for our client. This case study showcases the effectiveness of gamified airdrops in attracting engaged users and building a strong community around your brand.

Ready to Supercharge Your User Acquisition with Gamified Airdrops? Contact Codebird Technologies today and let's discuss how we can create a custom Telegram Mini-App solution for your brand.

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